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Our patent pending model, passionate community and team of experts make us the go-to resource for fueling all aspects of a creative project. We provide campaign-building tools and support to help everyone at the table create and sustain valuable momentum.

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"Feed The Arts makes it easy for me to support the Artists I love, without spending any cash out of pocket. I can spend a few minutes a day watching videos or shopping through the site, earn some Arts Cash® for my time, then use it to fund the Artists’ projects I like. AND I earn gift cards in the process!"

— Lynne D., Super Fan

"I LOVE Feed The Arts! It’s an amazing social community that’s really dedicated to supporting the arts. I’ve been able to connect with bands I love, follow their progress, and feel like I’ve really had a part in helping them succeed."

— Paul E., Super Fan

"Since I’ve been a member of Feed The Arts, I’ve discovered just how powerful this site can be. As a Fan, you can use your time online to earn funding for cool emerging Artists’ projects, and get gift card rewards for yourself in the process! It’s like crowd funding, but waaaaay better! Plus, Feed The Arts makes it easy to connect and share what’s going on with free promote tools I use on social media"

— Erica M, Super Fan

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