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Feed The Arts gives the artists you support a simple way to pay for your services.

Our model converts today’s talented — but often unfunded — creative potential into a larger, more profitable customer list for you.

Fans join Feed The Arts to give support to their favorite artists. Unlike crowdfunding, our patented TimeFunding™ method allows fans to contribute their time, not money, to support the arts.

The time fans spend here watching videos, playing games, and more is converted into Arts Cash®, a unique virtual currency. Arts Cash® supports artists and earns them gift cards!


Serve up your services quickly:

It only takes four simple steps:
  • 1. Join Feed The Arts as a Service Provider.
  • 2. Create your business listing and your offerings.
  • 3. Pick a promotional plan.
  • 4. Promote your Feed The Arts affiliation to artists.
  • 5. When their project is 100% funded, we pay you directly!

Reach the artists that need your services.

Feed The Arts connects artists with service providers.


It works!

Xlibris Publishing

“ paid us on time and we are sending many new customers to them on a regular basis. They are very professional to work with. Anytime we had an issue with an artist they were there to help.” — Xlibris Publishing


Skylab Media

“The process with was simple. We uploaded our pricing packages and then referred artists that were short on cash and heavy on creativity. Within a few months, we got a paid customer and a check. The artists got the service package from us that they wanted.” — Skylab Media


Blick Art Materials

“Our company offers several packages in the form of gift cards on We send customers to to be able to raise funds. The customers selected our pricing package and we received payment from directly.” — Blick Art Materials