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885000 Arts Cash®
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Kayla Stockert

Hey my name is Kayla.  I am 18.  I have been performing since I was 9.  I started out singing oldies... 295000 Arts Cash®
0 days left
50% funded

Carmen Magro

Knowing that it is important to have a professionally produced recording that best represents an art... 188092 Arts Cash®
0 days left
100% funded

Taylor Kennard

I play piano and guitar, I write my own music and play covers as well. I am currently a college stu... 59000 Arts Cash®
0 days left
0% funded

Forever Nothingness

I am a one-man black metal project, firmly rooted in atmospheric black metal, with some elements lyr... 59000 Arts Cash®
0 days left
1% funded

An Artist's Depiction

Brothers Benjamin and Jesse Bloodgood have been making music together for years. They share their cr... 59000 Arts Cash®
0 days left
2% funded