Funding for your Project!

The DEAL ROOM is a very clean way to get your music project funded and earn royalties from distribution! It's simple, you post the project details in the DEAL ROOM with a budget minimum of $5,000 members give their HELPING HANDS to the project and when it reaches it's budget we turn your funded project to our prominent producer partners who manage the funding and production. Upon completion we seek the best distribution for your project

Experienced Management

Upon funding in the DEAL ROOM, your project and budget is given to well known industry professionals who will manage your project to completion.

Sell Merchandise

We make it easy for you to sell your T-shirts, CD's and other merchandise by creating an online store on! There is no charge for creating the store, we only charge a commission as your merchandise is sold! The store allows you to upload 1 or 1000 items to sell and you set the price!

Music Download Sales

On we have a full music download distribution system allowing you to upload songs or albums for sale or to download for free. has many of the social networking tools of other sites and it's FREE to join!