The Feed The Arts Network:
Our Mission

The Feed The Arts Network is a community of artists, businesses and fans whose members are building a creative environment for ethical profitability.

"Creativity takes courage" is painted in large letters on a wall of the Feed The Arts offices. It is a quote from Henri Matisse and serves as a daily reminder of what is at the core of every artist: creativity and courage.

Feed The Arts started with a simple concept: let’s make the “starving artist” a thing of the past. For this to happen we had to make sure funding for the arts was open to all, no matter what their financial situation might be. Artists shouldn’t have to beg for money to fund their projects, but should be respected and have their art valued. We knew we weren’t the only ones who felt this way, so we set out to build a community of artists, fans and service providers to support the arts and enrich our communities. With this in mind, we took the courageous step to start a new company to make this concept a reality and Feed The Arts was born.

We quickly realized that an entirely new way to fund the arts was needed, which inspired TimeFunding. TimeFunding allows fans to help fund projects of up-and-coming artists by donating their time rather than their money. It works by tapping into the digital advertising market and sharing that revenue with us. Feed The Arts, with TimeFunding, is revolutionizing online arts funding by creating a company that uses its profits to support the arts. With our partnering service providers, artists are able to obtain the services and supplies they need to produce their art.

A natural extension of our arts community was to include restaurants, where musicians frequently perform and visual artists often display their work. Feed Our Fans attracts restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, etc. who desire to support the arts and improve their business. Through the sale of gift cards with Feed Our Fans, our member restaurants generate greater profits, attract new customers and support the arts. It’s a new recipe for success!

While Feed Our Fans celebrates great food, we can’t ignore the fact that many in our nation suffer from hunger. To combat this problem, members of the Feed Our Fans community support Feed Our Fans members are making contributions of their time and resources to help build a brighter, food-secure future for all.

The third part of our arts community is Feed The Ads. Feed The Ads aims to be a self-sustaining source of arts funding, through our member advertisers and publishers. Feed The Ads will be a robust source of arts funding to our Arts Tip Jar, which provides funding for projects of artists who fall short of their funding goals.

To eliminate the “starving artist” syndrome is a difficult task, so we responded with a creative, courageous solution: The Feed The Arts Network. We are bringing artists, fans and businesses together to support the arts and improve our communities. We can all profit when we work together.

The bottom line is this: supporting the arts is good for business!

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