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Our patent pending model, passionate community and team of experts make us the go-to resource for fueling all aspects of a creative project. We provide campaign-building tools and support to help everyone at the table create and sustain valuable momentum.

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“Feed The Arts has made the dream of becoming a published writer a reality, and I couldn't be more grateful.”

— Blair Patrick Schuyler (writer who worked with the Book Publisher Xilibris Press, a Division of Penguin Press)

“Thank you to the arts community and for helping me take another step further in this crazy journey.”

— Sarah McLennan (musician who worked with Skylab Studios NYC)

“I earned the Arts Cash I needed to get a $500 Gift Card to BLICK. I ordered some supplies that were in great need for my next commissioned work… This artist is on her way to truly doing what she loves to do!”

— Minnie Lippiatt (visual artist/painter)

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