How it works.
Feed The Arts has developed an entirely new model for funding creative work. Unlike crowdfunding – where fans must donate their hard-earned money – Feed The Arts only needs time to make great work happen.
Our exclusive Time Funding™ platform converts the time users spend on Feed The Arts browsing content, watching videos, playing games and more right into Arts Cash®, which is our unique virtual currency.
Arts Cash® provides two tasty benefits:
It can be donated to fund a variety of Artist projects. benefitting everyone who is looking to make the world a more creative place. The more Arts Cash® you earn, the more projects you can feed!
It also puts real cash in your pocket in the form of gift cards. Granted, knowing your time has helped feed cool new creative work feels pretty great. But we think you deserve more! That’s why we provide the opportunity to earn gift cards based on reaching certain levels of Arts Cash®. The math is simple… once you accumulate 500 Arts Cash®, you get a $5 USD gift card! And the more Arts Cash® you earn, the bigger your payback.
So you may be wondering… how do we get the money to make all this happen?
That cash that funds Feed The Arts comes from two sources. One is advertising, which is integrated right into our social experience. This makes our Advertisers and their brands direct supporters of the projects we’re all passionate about. We’re all at the table together.
The other source is the resale of gift cards that have been donated by our Service Providers. A percentage of these sales goes right back into our funding pool so we can feed even more creative dreams!
We’re revolutionizing online funding.

Our mission is simple: eradicate the term “starving artist” from the planet!

Our model lets passion fuel creative efforts simply, quickly and effectively. Artists get to see their work come to life without having to find the cash to pay for needed services. Service Providers get to support up-and-coming talent while building their businesses. And Fans get to benefit from it – all while earning valuable gift cards in the process.

We can only fulfill our mission by bringing as many people as possible to the table. Our team of innovators – leaders in the music, film, literature, art and business worlds, including Academy Award winners, Grammy winners, and New York Times Best Selling authors – work hard to provide the kind of setting that draws people back again and again. We welcome feedback so we can continue to enhance the experience.

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