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WHO WE ARE: creates a NEW, FREE and EXCITING opportunity for people to contribute to an Artist’s project or campaign by donating their TIME rather than money.

Unlike crowdfunding, our Time Funding™ platform that allows people to donate their TIME (not money) to creative projects by joining and doing various activities on the site. Sounds pretty neat, right?



WHAT IS TIME FUNDING™? generates revenue through Advertisers and our partners. Each member can earn and use ARTS CASH (our exclusive virtual currency) to help fund projects and redeem merchandise and rewards.

Arts Cash converts into U.S. dollars and earning Arts Cash has never been easier! Members can earn Arts Cash by taking surveys, watching videos, trivia, searching the web, or even shopping at their favorite stores! has already successfully funded many Artists! YOUR DREAM COULD BE NEXT!


Why Time Funding™? We created this platform because all artists deserve to have a shot at their dreams without begging for money! Your fans can now give again and again and not be limited to how much cash they have in their wallet!