Who We Are

FeedTheArts.com is an unprecedented Time Funding platform that supports, funds and

advances the Arts. Time Funding through FeedTheArts.com allows fans to donate their time

(rather than having to pay any money) to various creative projects simply by joining and

interacting on the site. FeedTheArts.com provides access to elite service providers and

entertainment production services at no cost to the Artist. Feed The Arts also helps Artists with

everything from widgets to promotional tips, that can help the Artist promote their project and

build their fan base.

FeedTheArts.com was created and continues to be inspired by prominent individuals in the film,

music, visual arts and literature who have the vision of creating an Arts Funding platform. 
This platform looks out for the ARTIST FIRST and the challenges they face on their artistic journey.


People like you who are PASSIONATE about Music, Film, Literature or the Visual Arts!

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Across all genres and formats. Musicians, Filmmakers, Authors and Visual Artists.

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Service Providers

Organizations that help the artist produce, distribute, merchandise or market their work such as recording studios, producers, sound stages and publishers.

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Feed The Arts

A marketplace where artists shop for the services they need most to get their project on track. Whether the need is a producer, studio time, marketing plans, marketing implementation or music or art distribution – the best in the world are all here and ready to work with new talent.

How It Works

The virtual currency on Feedthearts.com is called Arts Cash. This virtual currency has a value on Feedthearts.com that is turned into U.S. dollars that is used to pay for the services that an artist needs to fulfill a project they have posted on Feed the Arts. Members can earn Arts Cash by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games or even shopping at their favorite stores. Our Arts Cash are exclusive currency and can only be spent on Artists Projects or Redeemed for Artists' merchandise.


As a fan of the arts, on FeedtheArts.com you can search for projects that interest you. You can participate in activities that will earn Arts Cash that you can donate toward the project and artist of your choice, you get to fund the arts and redeem your Arts Cash for Merchandise and Tickets to Events for you!.


As an artist you can raise funds for any creative project, sell your branded merchandise, sell tickets to your show, performance or event. With Feed The Arts, you can even build a bigger fanbase by getting the word out about your project to all your social networks. At Feed the Arts, we work with hundreds of service providers that are waiting to provide you production, marketing, legal and other creative services at no cost to you. This works for music, literary, visual arts and filmmaker projects!

In fact, an Artist project seeking $10,000 for the budget, can be financed in as little 10 minutes with a large active membership base each simply watching 2 video ads! Not a penny taken out of anyone's pocket Join today.

Once a project is fully funded, your journey is far from over, and Feedthearts.coms makes staying in touch easy. We want you to continue to share information and even exclusive video showingyou're your project is being completed. And once your project is complete, your profile remains on the site so your fans can share in the success of your journey.

It's free and easy – take the first step - join the Feed The Arts Community and begin your own journey!

Service Providers

We work with organizations, individuals and companies that are part of the creative community. If you or your company helps an artist produce, distribute, merchandise or market their work, you should be on FeedtheArts. You set your rates, delivery schedule and all other details of your service offering. FeedtheArts pays you U.S. dollars at the fee you outline and you deliver for the artist or creative professional the agreed upon terms. We are currently looking for all services, but have a high demand for recording studios, producers, sound stages and publishers. Join Today.

For Example: A Writer wants to get a book self-published, on Feedthearts.com they would simply join the community, create a page and submit a project choosing the Service Provider they want to us that provides self-publishing packages and then completes their project details and submits it. Our members then give their Arts Cash they either bought or earned and once the project is fully funded the Writer goes into production with the Service Provider they select and gets the package they offered! We manage it to make sure our artists get what the package stated!

Give Securely and with Confidence!

Artists select a Service Package and get connected to a quality Service Provider within our community who works directly with the artist to execute and fulfill their funded creative project.

Yes, you heard that right – you now actually know where your hard earned $$ are going. There's only one price for services and therefore only one amount that will be funded. So now you can keep any extra of your hard earned Arts Cash either for yourself or for another artist or project that you love. Isn't it nice to share the love?

How much does this Cost?

Below is a chart of costs and fees

Cost to join the site - $0 - It's free to join

Monthly Membership - $0 - There is no monthly memberships

Commission on Funding - $0 - We do not charge a fee for funding

Commission on Merchandising Sales - $0 We do not charge a fee for items you sell

How Do We Make Money?

It's simple: Feedthearts.com makes money through our advertising partners who give us quality feeds content. When a member earns Arts Cash we keep a percentage and give a percentage to the member in the form of Arts Cash that they can only redeem for artists merchandise or give towards an artists projects! Our experience accountants make sure we keep enough to stay in business and be able to fund the arts and many projects for many years ahead.

Follow the Journey

Once a project is fully funded, an artists' journey is far from over, and Feedthearts.coms makes staying in touch easy. Artists can continue to share information and even exclusive video showing how their project is being completed. And once the project is complete, their profile remains on the site so that fans can immediately partake in next stage of their journey.

It's free and easy – take the first step - join the Feed The Arts Community and get involved in a journey!

Video Spotlight: Animal Years! Featured Project: Minnie's Mini Request! VOTE for your Favorite BAND! Earn Arts Cash by Shopping Online! Earn Arts Cash by Searching the Web!