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Getting Started – Creating & Launching a Project

As an artist what happens to anything I create and fund using the Feed The Arts Marketplace?

Any creative content you developed utilizing the Feed The Arts marketplace remains in your ownership. We do not take ownership of anything an artist creates through the use of our community marketplace.

How do I start and launch a project?

Once you are a member of Feed The Arts, from your artist home page select the Get Started icon found in the main navigation. From here you will:

1. Create an Artist Page – Your artist page will include all aspects of your Artistic Journey including your bio, any images or videos and details of any projects you are trying to get funded.

2. Submit a Project – This is where you provide details of the Project you need funded and select one of our Service Providers to help make it happen!

3. Submit Merchandise - This is where you can upload your merchandise to our Artist Marketplace for sale to your fans and other Feed The Arts members.

Who can post a Feed The Arts project?

Any artist from the Music, Film, Fasion, Visual Arts or Literature disciplines can submit a project!

What types of projects can be funded on Feed The Arts?

Our artistic categories are Music, Film, Fashion, Visual Arts or Literature.

Are posted projects reviewed?

Yes, all projects are reviewed only to ensure the project meets our Project and Community Guidelines.  

If my project is declined what can I do?

If your project is declined, you will receive feedback as to why it was declined and be given the opportunity to make changes to your project ensuring it meets our Project and Community Guidelines.

Once I post a project how long do I have to get it funded?

Currently all projects are active for 90 days after they are launched for funding. If they are not fully funded after 90 days, you may qualify for an extension!

What if I don’t see a service on the Feed The Arts website that matches my needs?

We encourage you to select a service package that is closest to meeting your needs. But if you do not see a service provider package that fits your needs please Contact Us.

What if I have a Service Provider I want to work with that is not in your network?

Feed The Arts loves referrals for quality Service Providers! If you know a Service Provider who is not a member you can invite them to join with our promotion tools found by going to the Promote section.

How long does it take for Feed The Arts to review my submitted project?

After submission, it typically takes 1 to 2 days to review a project.

What information should be on my project page?

Description of project, an artist bio, videos, photos, social media pages, etc. You also can sell your merchandise and offer incentives to enhance the marketing of your project.

Can an artist cancel a project?

No. Once a project has been posted for funding you cannot cancel it. An artist can contact us if they wish to edit their project.

Can I post multiple projects at the same time?

Yes, you are allowed to post as many projects as you want to.  However, it’s easier to focus on getting one project funded at a time.

Can I post a project as a nonprofit?

Yes, you can post a project as a nonprofit organization provided that the project meets our project guidelines.

How do I include images and video in to my project page?

The Project submission or edit page allows you to add multiple photo, video and audio files to your project if you so desire.

Can I post copyrighted material to my project page or profile?

Do not post any images, video, music or other content that you do not have the rights to. 

Can I edit my project after it has been posted?

Yes, you have the ability to edit the project description as well as any images or videos.

Can a Service Provider I select choose not to work with me?

No. If a service provider has posted service packages, they are required to work with any artist if the project gets fully funded.

Can I change Service Providers once I have started my project?

No. Once you have selected a service provider to work with and a service package and it has been posted as part of your project, you cannot change service providers.

How do I learn more about Service Providers that are members of the Feed The Arts community?

You can view and search Service Providers here:

What if I have questions about a Service Provider or a specific package of services they are offering?

If you have questions about a service provider or their service offerings you should contact the service provider directly. All service providers are required to post a phone number, email and contact person as part of their profile.

Is there a place where I can download the Feed The Arts widgets and badges?

Yes. You can find them in the 'Free Promote Tools' under the ‘Promote’ icon.

Is there a place where I can download the Feed The Arts logo?

Yes, in the Promote section! There you will see a Banners link and follow the instructions to utilize the many Feed The Arts logos and banners available.