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Through the use of TimeFunding®, Fans at Feed The Arts support a unique and diverse group of talented artists. Fans can fund the "next big thing" by hanging out with us on Feed the Arts! Our fan's contributions directly fund their success!

Ms. Monet

Arranger, Singer, Songwriter

With natural ability, strong will and determination, Ms. Monét has been sought out to write, produce, arrange, vocal-train, and perform some of the world’s greatest hits with some of the world's greatest artists. She is an artistic force.

Kayla Stockert


Since starting her singing career at the age of 9, Kayla has performed at the Apollo Theater, Montauk Music Festival and many other venues country-wide! She has been short listed to American Idol, X-Factor and The Voice.


Singer, Songwriter

A prolific songwriter, author and artist, Lachi has been creating and performing music since a young age. Overcoming adversity is the continued theme throughout Lachi’s artistic life. Her music empowers listeners.

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