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Fans directly supporting artists with their time!

Keep your cash, spend your time! Unlike crowdfunding, TimeFunding® allows you to donate to an artist by joining our network and spending time on our site. Learn about TimeFunding® in this video:

Join today and fund the next up-and-coming artist with us! Keep your cash, spend your time... you give some, you get some!

Earn Gift Cards

“Through Feed the Arts, I was able to find my new favorite band! I love watching their videos and listening to their music, while being rewarded for it. The fact that I get to donate that back to them to fund their cause is amazing and makes me feel important to them too!” — Jim D.

Save Up for Gear!

“Getting rewarded back after donating my Arts Cash® was such a cool perk. I saved up until I could redeem a $20 gift card to Michael’s, which was super easy and didn’t take much time at all!” — Carol T.

Rewards from Artists!

“Since I’ve been a member of Feed The Arts, I’ve discovered just how powerful this site can be. As a Fan, you use your time online to earn funding for cool emerging Artists’ projects, and get gift card rewards for yourself! It’s like crowdfunding, but waaaaay better!” — Erica M.

By The Numbers

Your support adds up!

TimeFunding® really supports the arts. You give some you get some! Earn rewards with your Arts Cash®, our virtual currency, including gift cards, meet and greets, concert invitations, signed albums or artwork, and so much more!


Arts Cash® donated

Earn Arts Cash® on Feed the Arts by spending some time with us, then donate your Arts Cash® to your favorite Artists and get rewarded for it!


Projects funded

Our Artists create projects on Feed the Arts and get funded by donations of Arts Cash® through TimeFunding®!


Member Fans

Join Feed the Arts as a Fan and help fund your favorite Artists by spending TIME instead of cash!


Member Artists

Join Feed the Arts as an Artist and let your creative work become a reality and get funded by Fans through TimeFunding®!

Reach your artistic goals using tools you won't find anywhere else.

Work with your Feed The Arts Personal Assistant

“Capturing live energy in the studio is important so that I can market my music and talent effectively. My Feed The Arts project is focused on completing a recording to best represent what I have to offer.” — Carmen Magro.

Access to an ever-growing number of fans!

“It takes a lot of time and money to pursue a music career. We want to take our songs to the next level, and with the right production we can. Please help make this dream come true!” — Kayla Stockert

Work with our many world-class service providers

“Thank you to the arts community and FeedTheArts.com for helping me take another step further in this crazy journey.” — Sarah McLennan (musician who worked with Skylab Studios NYC)

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Through the use of TimeFunding®, Fans at Feed The Arts support a uniqe and diverse group of talented artists. Fund the "next big thing" by hanging out with us on Feed the Arts! Your contribution directly funds their success!

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Feed The Arts gives the artists you support a simple way to pay for your services. Our model converts today’s talented — but often unfunded — creative potential into a larger, more profitable customer list for you!

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